10 Great Photographers

There are hundreds of photographers in the world.  Each inspires us in their own way.  Some take pictures of stunning landscapes that we may never get the chance to visit except in our minds as we look at their photographs.  Others take historical pictures of life in an era we never witnessed. Photography is still, and will always be one of the best ways to capture something only a few ever see and share it with the world.
Here are 10 of some of the world’s greatest photographers.

  1. Dorothea Lange – During the great depression Dorothea Lange took a photo of a woman that they called the migrant mother.  That photo captured the migrant workforce of the great depression.  Dorothea is also responsible for many of the Japanese internment camp photos we have in our WWII history books.
  2. Lyndon Wade – Suspended animation is how Lyndon Wade depicts most of his subjects. He is on this list because his pictures are amazing.  Just one of his photos tells a story that captivate people for hours on end.
  3. Henri Cartier – Bresson – Henri Cartier used the phrase “Decisive Moment” in his search for the perfect photo.  He was the first to use photos to tell people the news and other stories through the use of photos rather than words.  Many say he is the father of photojournalism.  Photographers all over the world work to live up to the high photographic standards set by Henri Cartier.
  4. Ansel Adams - Landscapes are where Ansel Adams lived.  He has taken photos of landscapes so perfectly you almost feel like you are there.  His photos are amazing but what’s even more amazing about Ansel is the notes he took during his darkroom experimentation.  Photographers today can still learn a lot by reading the notes Ansel took during his photo processing.
  5. Bjorn Lofterud – Bjorn Lofterud is great because of his still photography.  He uses unique settings to display unseen characteristics of inanimate objects.  Like a water bottle or a parked car.   It’s amazing how something we see every day and give no thought to can capture someone’s thoughts.  Bjorn’s photos have character and provoke our minds to consider things in new ways.
  6. Steve McCurry – Afghan Girl is a picture that many have tried to recreate over the years since it first appeared.AS-RefID: C1142314300 E34000916  A girl turned just as he took the photo allowing him to capture her striking green eyes.  This photo was on the cover of a major U.S. publication and brought Steve McCurry’s work to the world. Steve has spent his life photographing the aspects of society the world is losing. Lost cultures, or lost rituals are his main focus.
  7. Robert Capa – A wartime photographer that has put himself in the center of 5 different wars. His real name was Endre Friedman.  His philosophy was that you had to be close to the subject, or the photo would not be any good.  The amazing thing about Robert is he did not just take pictures from afar but could also be found in the trenches where the major battle was taking place.
  8. Michael Didonna – Was a modern portrait photographer taking close up photos of people doing normal things.  You feel like you’re looking into the soul of the subject, and that they are looking back at you.  All of his pictures contain people, and Michael does a great job of bringing those people alive in the photo.
  9. Arnold Newman – Was know for his photography of artists and politicians. He was credited with being the first to use “environmental portraiture.”  The difference between Arnold Newman’s photos and all the others is the essence he captures.  It’s as if he finds that inner soul that is hard to see, and brings it out in his photographs. No matter who he is photographing, a singer, an actor, or a senator, you feel like you know the person better after looking at one of Arnold’s portraits.
  10. Sarah Cheng –De Winne – Sarah Cheng has taken old fashion photography and made it vibrant again.  She has a way with make-up and props to make fashion photography new and intriguing.   Through the use of vibrant colors, and clothing she has come up with thousands of new ways to take the old tired world of modeling and make it something that is unique and never seen before.


Taking a self portrait or hiring a photographer?


Where to conduct your shoot

Where you take you photo has a lot to say about you? You might decide to take it next to your new boat or home or even related to your new job.  You could be even be simple and take it in your kitchen or living room.  The thing you need to do is reveal a bit of information about yourself so your audience can learn something.

Don’t read any further, get a pro

If you really want to go through the hassle of trying to take your own photo then skip this paragraph. Otherwise, search your local city for a good local photographer.  For example if you are in the DC metro area, just type in DC Photographer in any search engine and you should find a good photographer to ease your troubles.

What is your best side?

Just like movie stars want to be filmed at their best angle so should you. Your face is not as symmetrical as you think so try different angles that you like. Also be careful not to shoot at an angle that makes your head look like a beach ball.  The best angle always tends to be head on or maybe even slightly facing downward. Although you want to be creative try not to be too dramatic.

The Camera

Cameras come in many forms and your options improve when you do this with a quality digital SLR like a Canon EOS.  They are easy to mount to a tripod and will have a timer for the easy self-portrait.

Even better features are if your camera has a remote and even the ability to connect to a laptop.  This way you can connect the camera to the laptop and see how you look right on the laptop screen. In addition, you will not have to keep going back to restart the timer and check the results. You are more likely to get the perfect self-portrait when you make it easy to take.

Try the mirror trick

When we look in the mirror we always seem to be much happier at our appearance then when looking at ourselves in a photograph.  Your smile become uncomfortable, the double chine sticks out and the hair just does not look right.  So, try taking the picture at the mirror as you look at yourself.  Clean the mirror first and make sure the camera is not in the picture.

Look into the lens

When we look in the mirror, we always seem to be much happier at our appearance then when looking at ourselves in a photograph.  Your smile becomes uncomfortable; the double chine sticks out, and the hair just does not look right.  So, try taking your picture at the mirror as you look at yourself.  Clean the mirror first and make sure the camera is not in the picture.

Let there be light

Finally, decide on the type of lighting you wish to use, natural or flash. Think about the shadows on the face.  Will you light up the background? Will it be light or dark? To be honest this is where you really should consult a professional photographer and just get it done right.  Good luck!