Eastern Shawnee: Loans and Other Activities

The Eastern Shawnee is a Native American tribe located in Oklahoma, United States, on the border with Missouri. The federally recognized group represents over 2,800 members living across Oklahoma and neighboring states.

The tribe has a large economic presence. It runs several casinos, offers tribal loans, and operates a recycling business, among other interests.


Although the Eastern Shawnee can be traced back to the Shawnees of pre-1830s Ohio, the nomadic tribe had been present throughout the east of the country in locations that would become Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

It wasn’t until the late 18th century that one collective opted to relocate to Missouri due to European-American encroachment on their territories. This band spilled over to neighboring Oklahoma where they would later become a federally recognized tribe under the Oklahoma Indian Welfare Act.

Today there are three distinct Shawnee tribes headquartered in Oklahoma, with significant populations in the state, as well as Missouri, Kansas, and other locations. The Eastern Shawnee is the smallest of the three, representing a little over 2,800 members.

These tribes share the same traditional Shawnee language which is taught in the school system and is part of their cultural preservation initiative.

Business and Loans

The Eastern Shawnee operate several businesses in Oklahoma and Missouri, with an estimated $164 million in economic impact per annum. This includes its own housing authority and recycling service for tribe members, but also amenities and entertainment open to the wider public.

This includes casinos and a bingo hall, a hotel, print shop, gas station, and truck stop, and the People’s Bank of Seneca, Missouri.

The tribe also issues tribal loans which can be applied for online. These are typically shorter-term loans than what you would get from a regular bank.

As well as loans for individuals, the Eastern Shawnee also offer small business loans to its tribal citizens.

What are Tribal Loans?

Tribal loans are simply loans that are provided by native American tribes from the jurisdiction of tribal land. While different tribes offer different loan products, tribal loans tend to fill the gap between long-term bank loans and very short-term payday loans in the United States.

Tribal loans make a good alternative to payday loans as they still come in small sums (usually around the $1,000 mark), but you have more breathing room to make repayments over a longer period. Repayment is spread across several months but not usually years.

If you are looking for payday loans or tribal loans in Oklahoma, SolidCashHelp is a useful service that can connect you directly with regular lenders and tribal lenders online.

Because tribal lenders like the Eastern Shawnee are not fully regulated by the State or Federal government, there are fewer restrictions. Therefore, you may find it easier to qualify for a tribal loan than one from your bank or another large lender.


Native American tribes are considered sovereign from the US and can exercise their own government within their boundaries.

The Eastern Shawnee tribe is headquartered in Wyandotte, Oklahoma, with Glenna Wallace serving as Chief since 2006. She is the first female Chief to be elected after serving 18 years on the tribe’s business committee.

To be eligible for membership, descent must be traced to the names on the Dawes Rolls, though there are no minimum requirements for a blood quantum. Would-be citizens go through a simple enrollment process before being legally recognized.

The tribe has its own tribal constitution and police force, and issues members its own vehicle tags. As well as services reserved for members only, such as housing and business loans, everyone is welcome to make use of their enterprises or to apply for tribal loans for individuals.